Call for Submissions

For our third issue of HOLD, we are interested in subversion. To turn from below—to undermine, overthrow, supplant, contaminate, depose, upset, pervert. We are interested in subversion as that which dismantles and that which affirms. Which subversions are visible, which are vilified, which are life-saving? Where does subversion emerge from and to whom is it meaningful? What are the the containers of inside and outside, above and below, high and low? How do yesterday’s subversions become today’s status quo—and does the past hold subversive strategies that could be given new life? When capitalist “innovators” maintain or intensify that status quo through “disruption,” or demagogues rise to power on the rhetoric of revolution, how do we subvert the subverters?

We are interested in the corrosive and liberatory, the interventionary and assimilationist, the natural and alien, the expected and the unexpected. Make us shudder with all we didn’t know we didn’t know, make the sky fall upward, subvert our ideas of subversion. We invite work that explores these, and other questions related to subversion.


Submission Guidelines

HOLD is a print journal featuring poetry, prose, visual art, essays, and interviews. Writing submissions should be 10 pages or less, and sent as a Word document (.doc, .docx). Visual art must be sent as high resolution (300dpi) .jpg files. Please email all submissions to, with the following in the subject line: your last name in capital letters, genre (or genres) or that best describes your submission, and the title of your piece—CHRISTENSEN (poetry) Alphabet. The deadline to submit is March 15, 2017.

HOLD is dedicated to publishing work by women and queers and people of color and multi-lingual folks and work with a range of aesthetics and work by people who haven't been published before and work that is subversive and work that doesn't fit into expected categories. 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the journal before sending your work. Our first and second issues can be purchased here.

Questions? Email us!