Call for Submissions

Documentation is the theme of our fourth issue.

To mark in the dirt. To paint on the wall. To move through and across. To observe, witness, make visible. To translate, transfer, leave unmarked. We are interested in documentation as process, as identity papers that mediate movement between and within nations, languages, codes of conduct. Which parts are legible, and for whom? What gets lost in the transition into document? What parts become compulsory, crowding out the stories we could tell without the pressure to shape them into palatable coherence (like the immigrant’s journey or the coming out narrative)—We tell the authorities one thing, and each other something else entirely.

Send us your documentations: gestures, departures, arrivals, incoherencies, incompatibilities, migrations. Send us your markings, translator’s notes, records of experiences that have been purposefully obscured, reports from the field, invisible ink.

We are looking for poetry, critical prose, hybrid work, translation, and visual pieces. We generally do not publish fiction, but may consider hybrid texts and experimental fiction under 1000 words.

Submission Guidelines

HOLD is a print journal featuring poetry, prose, visual art, essays, and interviews. Writing submissions should be 10 pages or less, and sent as a Word document (.doc, .docx). Visual art must be sent as high resolution (300dpi) .jpg files. Please email all submissions to, with the following in the subject line: your last name in capital letters, genre (or genres) or that best describes your submission, and the title of your piece—CHRISTENSEN (poetry) Alphabet. 

HOLD is dedicated to publishing work by women and queers and trans people and people of color and multi-lingual folks and work with a range of aesthetics and work by people who haven't been published before and work that is subversive and work that doesn't fit into expected categories. 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the journal before sending your work. Our previous issues can be purchased here.

Questions? Email us!